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You won’t find it in the dictionary, but if you want a local definition of outstanding
Italian food, come to Angelo’s Italian Market in Venice, FL. Once you enter our location it’s easy
to become fascinated by the rich elements that make up authentic Italian cuisine, including fine
wines. Owner and founder Emilio Rossitto says, “True Italian cooking is very regional, so we try
to supply all of the essentials from Italy’s many regions. There is not just one type of Italian
cuisine; each region has its own distinct characteristics and every town or village uses
techniques based on it’s climate and customs.”
Emilio grew up in Solarino, Sicily, a small town outside of Siracusa. He came to the
United States when he was just a boy and began working at an Italian Market in New Britain,
Connecticut where the owner Angelo Marchionni took him under his wing and taught Emilio
everything he knew. He used all the experience he gained as a boy and opened up Angelo’s
Italian Market here in Venice.
Throughout the past 26 years, Emilio has taken his small market and expanded it
to include a broader range of products in his market section, a larger deli selection, full catering
service, takeout dinners, sandwiches/ pizzas and now a full service fine dining restaurant. Not
only did the location and number of products grow in Angelo’s but so did the number of family
members, Emilio and his wife of 34 years Loredana have three children, PierPaolo (29), Cristina
(22), and Ivano (18). PierPaolo is Emilio’s right hand man, he grew up in this business, Paolo
jokes, “Instead of playing with cars as a child, my father taught me the prices of Salami.”
PierPaolo’s wife Florinda and his mother in Law Rosaria (from Puglia, Italy) also joined the
family business after they were married. Florinda operates the cashier counter and Rosaria is
our pastry chef. Cristina, the only daughter of Emilio and Loredana manages the Restaurant
along with her husband Manlio whose from Naples, Italy.

Our staff truly creates the strong family atmosphere Italian culture is so famous for, and
we pair that with next-level authentic cuisine sure to delight traditional diners and “foodies”
alike. You will notice right away that we at Angelo’s distinguish ourselves from the competition
with the quality of our food and the kindness in our service. Passion and culinary talent are on
display in the presentation of every hand-crafted dinner, and you will find love and laughter in
our deli along with your favorite imported meats and cheeses. Don’t be surprised if we
remember your name and exactly what you like to order. We hope to meet you or see you
again soon at Angelo’s , a true hidden gem in the city of Venice.